Educators fulfil an essential role in providing a workforce for health by teaching specialist application of knowledge, skills and attributes to re-engineer healthcare delivery to meet the unique needs of individuals, families and communities. NEA’s role is to generate the energy, innovation and flow of ideas to strengthen nurse educators in this important role. This is what directs the organisation and its members:

Our Vision

The vision of NEA is to lead excellence in nursing education for practice, for all people.

Our Mission statement

The mission statement of NEA is to support a community of nurses who deliver quality nursing education in addressing the health needs of the people of the country through:

  • scholarship of teaching and learning
  • stakeholder engagement
  • quality nursing education for practice and
  • visionary leadership.

Our Core values

The values that NEA upholds in achieving its vision and mission:

Integrity by consistently living with integrity the organisational principles of open communication, ethical decision-making, honesty and humility by doing business in a way that reveals commitment to the vision of the organisation. Not only is behaving in a caring and honourable, trustworthy manner how we manage our business, but our approach also shows ethical conduct through transparency, strong moral principles and good governance.

Lifelong learning by instilling a culture of lifelong learning in the quest for improving the capacity of nurse educators to prepare critical-analytical nurses who can provide competent, compassionate and quality care to all people as well as their professional and personal fulfilment. This is about maintaining an enquiring mind and taking responsibility for the acquisition of knowledge and skills through continued self-directed learning.

Visionary and dynamic leadership is our approach/attitude when consistently living the vision, mission and core values of the organisation as we strive to engage, motivate and inspire nurse educators to accomplish an inspirational vision for nursing education and the profession.

Passion for nursing allows us to keep our compelling enthusiasm for a profession committed to maintaining excellence in nursing care ignited through capacity building, visionary leadership and integrity. This requires us to continue to teach, train and empower others with commitment and caring while embracing our diversity to enrich the profession and the care we provide.

Participatory membership is ensured by maintaining a culture of inclusivity and acceptance as nursing education is enhanced through our diversity which allows all members the opportunity to contribute knowing that all contributions will be valued. In doing so we endeavour to promote individual responsibility to participate in professional organisations.

Excellence is our culture in nursing education and it is based on our commitment to evidence based practice and resourcefulness which culminates in competence to develop, implement and promote standards and best practice. It is our belief that excellence in education will contribute to producing nurse and midwife practitioners of the highest standard which will contribute to high quality and safe patient care – a Constitutional right in South Africa.

Our Strategies

In order to achieve the above mentioned vision and mission, the following key strategies are implemented:

  • Promote professional development
  • Promote quality teaching and learning
  • Advance leadership development
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Promote organisational development